Will Mix Mob prove to be a hit after raising $7M?

Will Mix Mob prove to be a hit after raising $7M?

Mix Mob, a Solana-powered Metaverse Game on Remix Culture, announced in a press release it raised $7 million in new capital. Leading the financing round was Defiance Capital with additional support coming from Ascensive Assets, Not3lau Capital, IOSG, among others.

How will $7M Help Mix Mob?

  • Said by the Mix Mob CEO and Game Director Simon Vieira that the new cash will “allow us to achieve our strategic objectives” over the near-term and long-term.
  • Mix Mob is best known for combining play-to-earn capabilities with user-generated content. The plot surrounds players joining a creative resistance movement to defeat a universe in which artificial intelligence destroyed human culture.

Further commenting on the $7 million raise, Vieira said in the press release:  The play-to-earn sector is showing no signs of slowing down, and by offering something vastly different to what already exists in the space, we firmly believe Mix Mob will prove to be a hit with the creative community.

What’s next for Mix Mob?

  • Mix Mob sold out of its official resistance masks in December — a mutable NFT that doubles as a player’s identity within the metaverse, according to the press release.
  • Players can also acquire pet NFTs that evolve according to a player’s activities, known as MixBots. The NFTs also represent the players’ social identities, making it possible for players to form teams and compete with others in the metaverse.
  • They can be used to sell their resistance masks, or to recruit new members. However, unlike other mutable NFTs, Mix Mob’s masks do not need to be sold or bought in order to be used, and they can be sold for a variety of values.
  • While Phase I of Mix Mob is built around a strategy card racing game, now Mix Mob is working on its Phase II of its platform which will result in the expansion from its current strategy card racing game into a Fortnite-like universe. Development remains ongoing along with a roadmap for tokenomics and a novel concept for land ownership.
  • They are currently building a world with a custom-made economy, with the goal of creating a large number of jobs, and with the ability to purchase and sell items from each other.


  • Only time will tell if Mix mob will be a hit after raising $7M. The company has a lot of potential and the team seems to be very passionate about their product. However, there are a lot of companies out there that have raised a lot of money and have not been successful.
  • Ultimately, it will all come down to execution and whether or not the team can deliver on their promises. With a strong team in place and a clear vision for the future, it seems that Mix mob is poised for success.
  • The company has also raised money from some big-name investors. If Mix mob can continue to grow and attract more users, it could become a very successful company.