What is front-running in crypto and NFT trading?

What is front-running in crypto and NFT trading?
  • Front-running trading involves trading cryptocurrencies ahead of their market price. This can be done with the use of various methods, such as arbitrage, market making, algorithmic trading and market manipulation. It is important to note that front-running is not illegal, but it is often viewed as a market manipulation practice.
  • A simple answer can be that the front-running strategy is the most profitable strategy (though that is also not the case). The front-running strategy is the practice of taking advantage of the price gap between a commodity and an underlying instrument that has predictive information on it.
  • This information is provided by the underlying instrument and it is used to anticipate the future price of the commodity. The front-running strategy is a fundamental strategy that can be applied to any commodity (commodity, NFT).

What is a front-running bot?

  • A front-running bot is a computer program that runs on a server and can trade and provide market data on a stock market. It can tell you what trades various bots are planning to make and whether their predictions are reliable.
  • For example, it looks for the next stock to buy, or the next tweet to retweet.

Is front-running illegal in crypto?

  • Front running is considered illegal in the traditional stock market because outsiders are not provided with insider information. However, in the crypto market, all information is stored in a publicly auditable digital ledger. Therefore, front-running NFTs is not considered to be illegal.
  • It is in financial markets, and it appears to be illegal in crypto. The problem is, we already have a very high level of speculation. Bitcoin price has increased tenfold in the last year. We have a very expensive market, and we have a very expensive market for speculative trading.
  • One of the things that makes cryptocurrencies unique is that they are decentralized; there is no central authority or regulatory body. However, this also means that a few players have an unfair advantage — they can manipulate the market in order to profit.


In conclusion, the authors suggest that the front-running strategy could be a good way to make a profit from the exchange of crypto and NFTs. The front-running strategy could be seen as the first-mover strategy for the crypto and NFT trading exchanges. In this way, the first mover would be able to benefit from the large trading volume on the exchanges, without having to offer better prices or services.