Top Upcoming Metaverse games in 2022

Top Upcoming Metaverse games in 2022

Three initiatives in the Metaverse that have a lot of potential:


  • It’s still early in the development cycle, but it has a lot of potential because early investors can see big returns. This project is a stand-alone game that can be played at any time. 
  • Team: The development team includes members of Fortnite, Call of Duty, Overwatch, and God of War, and their CEO is one of the key founders of decentraland, a Metaverse project you may be familiar with. 
  • The crew has some big-game experience from prior AAA games, which puts them in first place. 
  • Big Time is a multiplayer action role-playing game that contains NFTs as characters, game elements, utilities, and tools, in other words, it’s a Metaverse game.
  • The idea is currently in its early stages of development, but they want to release their first limited edition space NFTs this week or next
  • These NFTs are extremely rare and difficult to obtain, with just a small part of the overall supply being traded on the market during this drop. 
  • Space NFTs will allow players to create their own layout as well as their time machines, which are an important part of the game.
  •  Big Time’s token economy will be inextricably linked to space NFTs. Because it is intimately related to the game’s token ecosystem, the space will be extremely valuable.
  • If we buy them when they first come out, they will be far less expensive than they will be later on. Players will want to acquire these space NFTs once the game is released and people start playing, as they have highly useful utilities in the game.
  • There is also no ICO and no token pre-sale to anyone, including the development team. The community will drive the token ecosystem to its full potential.
  • It’s the one on the Blockchain with AAA potential and previous successful developers in other games.
  • There hasn’t been any media spike, and their website is currently pretty bare-bones; but, these are the periods when you should be investing and scooping up companies that you believe have a lot of potential because the return on investment may be quite lucrative.


  • It’s a blockchain-based version of Minecraft, and we all know how popular Minecraft is with over 126 million active gamers. The game was first released in 2011, making it ten years old, yet it is still one of the most popular games worldwide.
  • It’s similar to Minecraft in that users can own land, buy/sell land, build real estate on their land, own animals, craft objects, and trade stuff, with the exception that the metaverse is only accessible within the game.
  • The monetary ecosystems tied to things like Ethereum or Sand token provide you with real-world value.
  • What’s more, sandbox isn’t a game like Minecraft, which is only one game with an open world, whereas the sandbox is the open world, the metaverse. It’s an open-world platform where anybody can buy land, develop cities, play games, start businesses, sell real estate, exchange real estate, buy property, sell property, and do whatever they want while profiting financially, which is crucial in the ecosystem of life as we all know.
  • To begin with, they are now running an alpha, which means you can play the game for the first time, but only if you have purchased an NFT alpha pass, which costs around 11700 dollars or 2.59 Ethereum.


  • For the Metaverse, this project represents a new investment angle. YGG is a decentralised autonomous organisation that invests in non-fungible tokens referred to as NFTs in the virtual world.
  • The organization’s goal is to grow the world’s greatest economy, maximise the utility of its assets, and then share those revenues with all of its stakeholders.
  • And that’s just one game. The Yield Guild games presently have roughly 4 million dollars worth of Axie infinity axes and about 2.3 million dollars worth of Axie infinity land
  • Guild of Guardians, Star Atlas, Illuvium, and Zed Run are among the metaverse and blockchain games in which they have invested.
  • They had recently bought time machine NFTs from the first project we discussed, Big Time. YGG spent half a million dollars on time machine NFTs for their community to use in the game once it’s published.
  • Ari Meilich, CEO of Big Time, adds, “I am thrilled to be working with YGG on the launch of Big Time. Our goal is to create the world’s first AAA blockchain game, so partnering with a guild focused on excellence made for a natural fit.”
  • This is essentially a gaming group made up of people from all over the world who play games together, possess valuable assets together, and then form a group down to help everyone in the down gain money. There are a lot of folks that make money by playing games.