Samsung And Nifty Gateway Team Up to Develop World’s First Smart TV NFT Platform

Samsung And Nifty Gateway Team Up to Develop World’s First Smart TV NFT Platform

Samsung Electronics Co and Nifty Gateway collaborate to develop the world’s first smart TV NFT platform. The two companies will work together to create blockchain-based applications that will be featured on Nifty Gateway, the world’s first blockchain-based digital TV platform.

Quick Facts About These Companies

  • Samsung is a global leader in consumer electronics and Nifty is an enterprise-grade, innovative tech company with a mission to empower people through technology.
  • What better way to build a world-class platform and help our users than to partner with the leaders in the industry in the form of one of the most successful technology companies in the world, Samsung?
  • The platform will be used by Nifty to create NFTs. It will be open to all developers and will allow them to create NFTs for Samsung’s smart TV.

Samsung-Nifty Collab Brings NFTs To Homes

  • The first-ever collaboration between Samsung and Nifty is a step towards bringing the future of retail to homes.
  • NFTs are a new type of display technology that is expected to revolutionize the way we interact with digital content. Samsung and Nifty are working together to develop a platform for Smart TVs. The new platform will be called “Nifty Gateway” and it will enable users to enjoy interactive, immersive and personalized content on their TV screens.
  • The Nifty Gateway will make it possible for users to access all their favourite content from anywhere using the TV’s remote control. Users will also be able to switch between multiple channels or apps, browse social media feeds, or play games all while watching TV.
  • The first step in developing this platform was developing the hardware that can support this technology. This includes a micro-display module as well as an optical system with high-resolution projection.
  • This partnership will allow users to create their own content on the TV, which will be displayed on the screen when they get close to it with their mobile phone or other device.


  • Samsung Electronics and Nifty Gateway, a leading global provider of smart TV, will develop a new platform for the NFT (NFC token) ecosystem. The new platform will allow NFT to be integrated into smart TVs and other IoT devices, thereby creating new possibilities for consumers.
  • Samsung and Nifty Group have agreed to pursue the development of a Samsung Smart TV platform using Nifty’s Nifty Wallet and Nifty Wallet Platform, a digital wallet for the internet of things (IoT). Samsung will provide its proprietary hardware and software, while Nifty will provide its technology and expertise in Blockchain and IoT.