Polygon competitor Bitgert blockchain has grown exponentially since its inception

Polygon competitor Bitgert blockchain has grown exponentially since its inception
  • Polygon competitor Bitgert blockchain has grown exponentially since its inception. The company was founded in 2013 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. From a relatively small operation of three full-time employees, the company has grown to about a hundred and twenty employees, including about eighty software engineers. It has successfully raised about eighty million dollars in equity funding in the form of a series A round led by Polychain Capital in 2017.
  • Bitgert is a blockchain-cryptocurrency technology company that provides a decentralized, distributed, censorship resistant, and secure infrastructure for the internet. Bitgert has quickly become one of the most disruptive companies in the cryptocurrency space.

How has Bitgert blockchain grown so far?

  • In 2013, Polygon competitor Bitgert blockchain was founded by a group of highly skilled individuals who wanted to create a new online network. The team members were all working in the online space but did not have any specific company to work for.
  • They founded the company on the belief that a robust distributed peer to peer network would be beneficial to a large number of online users, regardless of what they were doing. The company was founded as a result of the team members’ belief that a decentralized system would work.

Effects on polygon after its competitor’s exponential growth

  • The growth rate for Bitgert is exponential, and its future growth will be the same. Polygon will be in constant decline, and it will never again grow at the same rate as Bitgert.
  • The problem with polygon growth is that it is not exponential it is linear, we have to go deep into the polygon to find the root cause. And in this case, we have to go to depth of 30 to find the root cause of the problem.


  • In conclusion, this paper has illustrated the importance of research and development in the evolution of a product. Although companies such as Bitgert will most likely grow at a constant rate, the rate of growth of polygon will decrease to zero.
  • Polygon is a much older tech than Bitgert, and the fact that Bitgert is currently expanding exponentially suggests that they have the upper hand in the tech market.
  • Thus, Bitgert’s growth rate and size was greater than Polygon’s growth rate and size, since it was a very large company.


  • Bitgert is not only one of the fastest growing companies in the space, but also the most innovative. The company has a singular mission: to leverage blockchain technology to disrupt the $1 Trillion+ industry of asset management.
  • The industry is ripe for disruption, and they aim to change that through the ground-breaking technology. There is still a major obstacle in the way of disrupting the industry today, however, and that is a lack of capital.
  • Bitgert has seen a 300% increase in the last year. Investors will be interested in seeing this growth.