Nexo to launch $150M Web3 Investment Fund

Nexo to launch $150M Web3 Investment Fund
  • Nexo, the world’s first instant crypto-backed loans platform, is setting its sights on the emerging Web3 economy. The company has announced $150 million Web3 Investment Fund, which will invest in promising Web3 projects and technologies.
  • The fund will invest in both early-stage and already established Web3 ventures and is open for investments from the public. The first round of the fund has already closed, with the minimum investment set at $1,000.
  • Designed to support some of the most innovative teams working on the cutting edge of blockchain technology, the Fund is a bold statement of Nexo’s commitment to promoting Web3 and the crypto ecosystem at large. With the current market volatility, this is the perfect time for investors to join the Fund.
  • Just a few days ago, we announced that Nexo would be the first company to offer the world’s first Instant Crypto Loans – a unique service that allows users to borrow money instantly using their crypto as collateral. Today, I’m excited to tell you about our next big announcement: the launch of Nexo’s Web3 Investment Fund.
  • The fund will be backed by $150 million in investments from Nexo, and will invest in promising Web3 ventures that are looking to raise capital. The fund will invest in a variety of sectors including fintech, dApp development, and more.

Nexo’s investment team has already backed BCB Group, BlockFills, The TIE and 1inch

  • One of the hottest investment strategies in crypto is the use of “collateralized debt structures”, or CDOs for short. Nexo’s COO Gautam Kini explains it best: “A CDO is a fancy way of saying ‘We’ll lend you money on the promise that we’ll get paid back later, with interest.’
  • In crypto, it works a little differently. Instead of a bunch of banks coming together and creating a CDO, a group of like-minded investors get together and form a CDO.


  • Nexo, a Brooklyn-based blockchain start-up, is announcing the launch of a $150 million Web3 investment fund. The fund will provide investors with the opportunity to support blockchain companies that are building the future of finance through decentralization and democratization.
  • The fund will offer a range of investment opportunities, including equity, debt, and real estate, and will be managed by Nexo’s in-house investment team. The fund will also work with third party asset managers to enhance returns.