MATIC price could resume uptrend as dApps on the network explode

MATIC price could resume uptrend as dApps on the network explode
  • The MATIC team announced an update that it is in the process of revamping its token (ERC-20) and plan to relaunch the MATIC token (ERC-20) as soon as the blockchain upgrade is complete. This update will make MATIC token more decentralized, cheaper and more accessible with no minimum transfer amount
  • MATIC price could climb higher with the spike in the number of decentralized applications on the network. MATIC price has been at a six-month low and has been trading sideways since January.
  • The price of MATIC is still trading sideways. The MATIC price is also expected to increase as the dApps on the network explode.

Analysts predict a MATIC price rally and believe the altcoin could retrace its losses

  • The majority of analysts predict the MATIC price to rally with the recent recovery in the value of the MATIC/BTC pairing.
  • MATIC price will rally and it could retrace losses soon, analysts predict. MATIC price is currently trading at $0.0008, down 26.66% from the all-time high of $0.0032.
  • The MATIC price has been suffering from a major sell-off over the last few days after the announcement of the launch of a new MATIC exchange. However, in the last few hours, the price has begun to move up to a 1-day high. The MATIC price currently trades at $0.0123, which is higher than that of Bitcoin.


  • Matic is a fast and instant cryptocurrency exchange launched on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform aims to be a global exchange for trading cryptocurrencies and has been available on the testnet since November 2018. Since its creation in 2017, Matic has received a significant amount of public interest and has continued to grow in popularity since its launch.
  • The long-term downtrend seen since the matics Mainnet release will likely resume, the price of matics token could even go much higher than it is now.


As we all know, Matic is in the middle of a price surge, and it looks like the end is near for our dear Matic. The price of Matic on the Binance exchange has increased by over 1000% in the past two weeks. It looks like it could have a price of $100,000 in the next couple of weeks.