$MAPE Mecha Morphing IDO- 8 Feb

Mecha Morphing IDO

Mecha-Morphing is a next-generation destructive aesthetic battle tactical game that is entirely decentralised and powered by its metaverse’s users. Blockchain technology is used in the type of electronic currency and NFTs in this play-to-earn game. By participating in and adding to the Mecha Morphing metaverse, players can earn money.

Earn tokens through engaging in fights, making weapons and armor, looting land, trading stuff on the marketplace, mining resources, and accomplishing tasks set up by other gamers. Players can improve their asset worth by getting involved in the metaverse with this play-to-earn concept.

You can earn more money the more you join. This results in a lovely chain reaction. While being active adds value to yourself, it also adds value to other gamers, programmers, and everyone else connected in the metaverse.

A dual token system is used in Mecha Morphing. The utility money in the game is $MMC, whereas the ecosystem’s governance token is $MAPE.

The following equipments are available:

1. MECHA: Activate up to nine mecha slots and gain access to exclusive overpowered skills.

2. Weapon: Stunning exterior and one-of-a-kind weapon with limitless potential

3. Draw a card

4. Use the blind box

Whitepaper: https://mechamorphing.com/assets/pdf/Whitepaper%201.1.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/Mecha_Morphing

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mecha_Morphing