List of Top 10 New Metaverse Projects for Huge Gain

Metaverse projects

To better comprehend the projects, let’s group them under different cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Solana, and Avalanche.


One of the best and most well-known cryptocurrencies in which to invest in Ethereum. As a result, we anticipate that its projects will be quite promising. Let us have a look at some of the greatest Ethereum projects:

Yield Guild Games:

  • YGG is a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) that invests in virtual worlds and games’ non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
  • With a market cap of $650 million, YGG is the most valuable, representing a significant number of in-game assets that are bought, sold, or rented. 
  • YGG is a DAO that aims to increase liquidity in Play to Earn games and provide more chances for young people to get involved at cheaper costs.
  • They went so far as to invest $175k in a fantastic scholarship programme. 
  • The yield guild currently has over 4700 scholars who rent or profit share guild assets in exchange for the opportunity to play games they otherwise would not be able to buy while also contributing to the guild’s growth. Ten per cent of the rental costs go to the DAO. 
  • They want to be the largest virtual world economy, and they plan to share earnings with investors.
  • YGG will use the NFT and Defi space to introduce yield farming to game economies, including activities such as community building to earn players and revenue generation through the rental or sale of YGG owned NFTs. 
  • In the DAO, we can collaborate on gaming research and development.
  • Price: $5.37
  • Market cap rank: 178
  • Market cap: $471,575,337
  • All-time high: $11.17

UFO gaming:

  • UFO Gaming is a self-contained gaming studio that creates blockchain games for a growing ecosystem.
  • Within the dark metaverse, players join forces to form clans, possess and trade virtual land, and earn NFTs and cryptocurrencies.
  • With a few notable partnerships already under its belt, UFO gaming has spent no time setting its sights on larger and greater things.
  • The team is continuing to pursue AAA studios to produce extremely playable titles.
  • UFO gaming has been dubbed the “new Axie Infinity,” and while comparing UFO gaming to the gigantic Axie Infinity is difficult, UFO gaming has accomplished a lot in its short time on the market.
  • Right now, the market is down, and just a few cryptos are performing well, one of which is UFO gaming.
  • Price: $0.00002416
  • Market cap ranking: 159
  • Market cap: $621,837,883
  • All-time high: $0.000055669


  • Although this is a new initiative, the metaverse environment it has created is intriguing.
  • Michael Katseli, Lunus Chee, and Ian Friend co-founded Ntvrk, a metaverse focus project.
  • It bills itself as a social virtual environment and platform with sophisticated creation tools and infrastructure that allows users to effortlessly create, share, experience, and monetise their work.
  • Ntvrk’s main purpose is to enable users to use NFTs and in-game land tokens to earn passive income by leasing or selling their property. As a result, a metaverse-centric economy emerges.
  • This metaverse project also allows users to purchase assets within its virtual domain, such as buildings, offices, vehicles, houses, and whatever else they may imagine. 
  • Imagine being able to buy land in prime real estate hotspots using the platform’s token, such as a small studio loft overlooking the seaside or a penthouse in the city’s heart. It’s all possible with Ntvrk; it’s the inevitability of mass acceptance of virtual reality environments, augmented reality, and, eventually, the metaverse in our daily lives, from business to sports to art and pleasure, but ideally not in a ready player one manner.
  • Price: $3.41
  • All-time high: $7.33


In 2021, Solana was a standout performer, surging up the ranks of cryptocurrencies to become the world’s fourth most valuable cryptocurrency, a top competitor to Ethereum and Blockchain. Let’s look at the top projects which have a huge potential:

Star Atlas

  • On Solana, Star Atlas is a well-known gaming project, and many people expect it to outperform the current top game, “Axie Infinity.”
  • The triple IDO for Star Atlas was a huge success in September 2021.
  • It’s one of the few games in the blockchain world that offers a AAA gaming experience.
  • The game’s trailer made it evident that it would be a smash hit, as it features ultra-high-definition cinematic gaming graphics. Although this is not the entire picture, we believe it has much more potential.
  • In simple terms, it can be thought of as a hybrid of NFTs and the gaming industry, based on the Metaverse concept
  • The goal is to improve the monetization of time spent within a star atlas environment, similar to Axie Infinity, such that a meaningful economic gain may be realised.
  • Players can be rewarded for their time spent in the game by acquiring rare NFTs, which they can then sell for real money on the incredible Atlas Star Marketplace.
  • Star Atlas, unlike most games, has an asset deflationary mechanism built-in. All of this implies that if you lose a battle with another player, your ship will be permanently lost and burned, adding an interesting element of risk to the game.
  • Current price – $0.095468 USD 
  • CoinMarketCap ranking – #294
  • Market cap – $206,211,466 USD
  • All-time high- $0.267549


  • Raydium is a Solana-based automated market builder that works similarly to Uniswap. 
  • On Solana, it has the greatest TVL (Total Value Locked) of 12.7 Billion dollars
  • It is the first AMM that optimises the speed of the Solana blockchain and a DEX limit order book, and it incorporates trading on the Solana Blockchain. This results in an infinite supply of liquidityfrictionless yield farming, and lightning-fast token swaps
  • The inclusion of Raydium’s serum gives the entire Solana ecosystem access to a large amount of liquidity, which is a significant benefit.
  • Its IDO launchpad AcceleRaytor has received a lot of attention, with an all-time high of 5,000 per cent.
  • Raydium’s native token is directly influenced by the success of its launch pad. In just two months, RAY has gone from around three dollars to sixteen dollars.
  • Its buzz is justified since to play in IDO, you must stay great, stake RAY, and gain staking rewards. Being the first to arrive on Solana Raydium has several benefits.
  • Price- $7.54
  • Market cap Rank- 161
  • Market Cap- $586,343,610
  • All-time high- $16.83


  • It’s yet another decentralised exchange whose total value locked TVL has skyrocketed in recent months, surpassing the $1 billion level.
  • Orca is a fully automated AMM dex on Solana with its liquidity pools. Users can swap, tap into liquidity pools, and give liquidity to orca’s pools in exchange for a portion of trade costs, just like other AMMs.
  • Aquafarms are yield farming programmes that provide customers with a series of liquidity pools that will eventually become aquafarms.
  • Liquidity providers in orca’s pools currently receive only trading fees, however, Aquafarms allows users to earn both trading fees and orca tokens
  • Orca also intends to introduce functionality in the future that will allow other projects to use their tokens as prizes.
  • If you don’t want to divide your tokens 50-50 for liquidity, Orca has a new option called auto swap that you may use. It’s a new feature that allows you to provide tokens in any ratio you want and Orca will balance them before they’re deposited.
  • Orca has no plans to incorporate serum or raydium liquidity, but they do anticipate that liquidity will increase over time as additional features are added to the platform.
  • Price- $5.16
  • Market cap- $66,893,836
  • Market cap rank- 559
  • All-time high- $20.33

Mango Market:

  • They are a decentralised cross-margin trading platform with a parabolic TVL of 142.7 million dollars.
  • This project was designed and launched on the Solana blockchain, and it allows users to leverage up to five times their initial investment with lightning-fast network speeds and near-zero transaction costs
  • The website offers a variety of services, including a spot market where bitcoin, ethereum, Solana, and serum can be used as collateral. 
  • Essentially, the mango market protocol obtains liquidity from both its pools and fluids, ensuring that users face few liquidity concerns. 
  • The network also provides a decentralised landing where anybody may earn interest on deposits and take out collateralized loans against the platform’s supported assets.
  • Price- $0.192811
  • Market cap- $194,895,413
  • Market cap rank- 325
  • All-time high- $0.498845


Avalanche is a decentralised open-source blockchain that supports smart contracts. AVAX is the platform’s native digital currency. Let’s look at a few of its projects: 


  • Crabada is a blockchain-based idle game that debuted on Avalanche with the most buzz.
  • It’s also simple to use, with three-game types to choose from: Mine, Loot, and Defend your Treasure
  • You leave your crabs to mine when you are away. For treasure, you get tokens that you may exchange for cash, and for treasure defence, you engage in a three-on-three battle.
  • Crabada is sold by creating a listing with a set price
  • The Crabada can be bought using TUS from the buyer’s wallet
  • The settlement is completed instantly following confirmation of the transaction on the blockchain.
  • The Crabada is transferred to the Buyer after the Seller obtains TUS in his wallet.
  • The price at which players can lend their Crabada can be set by them. The data on market transactions are offered to assist players in making the best decision possible.
  • At any time, the player can update the prices.
  • Price: $0.995925
  • Market cap rank: 576
  • Market cap: $65,098,332
  • All time high: $2.96

Imperium Empires:

  • For individuals who can enter into these pre-sales, one IEM token is worth $0.0045.
  • The price chart has done a great up and to the right movement, which is due to the avalanche ecosystem exploding. As a result, Avalanche’s launchpad is likewise moving to the right.
  • If you had gotten it in October, you would have made a fantastic 5x return on your investment.
  • This launchpad fostered Talecraft, and Talecraft grew by 50x.
  • Why do you think an imperial empire has potential? Imperial Empire is the world’s first AAA game.
  • This will be one of the first metaverses to launch on Avalanche, including deflationary tokenomics and an NFT burn. Defi gamification and integration, as well as the development of a team-based earning model. 
  • This is where you’ll battle enormous guild conflicts involving thousands of people, and you’ll be able to earn more with the help of your teammates.


  • Talecraft, like a mediaeval metaverse that solves the problem that most NFT initiatives have, namely a lack of a use case and a sustainable ecosystem, demonstrates that they are committed to the long haul.
  • Talecraft has a four-element systemair, earth, water, and fire
  • You can get one of the elements from the crafted chest for 10 craft tokens + 0.1 avax tokens.
  • What happens to the avax and craft tokens? Each box will contain ten craft tokens, with half of them going to the Craft Avax liquidity pool and the other half being burned. Depending on the weights, 25% of the 0.1 avax will go to the liquidity pool, 25% to the team wallet, and 50% to the NFT holders.
  • People will be encouraged to keep their NFTs and earn passive revenue as a result of this.
  • You can progress to higher NFT tiers by using the crafting system. To do so, you’ll need to spend a particular amount of craft and avax, and the lower NFT levels will be burned in the process of opening a chest to acquire an element. 
  • As a result, the supply is always finite and diminishing.
  • There is a full craft system that will burn these fees, as well as board games that will allow you to utilise your NFTs, which was launched alongside Talecraft. 
  • There will also be an accomplishment mode, a system for artist and partner products, unique packages, crafting technologies, and much more.
  • Price: $2.27
  • Market cap: $3,748,802.75
  • Market cap rank: 3010
  • All-time high: $16.69