Laplap Q1 Review: Building community identity and promoting the growth of Web3 games

Laplap Q1 Review: Building community identity and promoting the growth of Web3 games
  • Web3 games are a new and exciting genre of games that are built around the concept of the decentralized web.
  • The Laplap Q1 review looks at how well the company has built community identity and promoted the growth of Web3 games. Overall, the company has made good progress in both areas.
  • In terms of community identity, Laplap has done a great job of creating a strong brand that is easily recognizable. The company has also built a large and engaged community around its games.
  • In terms of promoting the growth of Web3 games, Laplap has been very successful in getting its games featured on popular gaming sites and in getting people to download and play its games.

About Laplap

  • Laplap is a game that is built on this concept and is designed to promote the growth of the decentralized web. The game is based around the idea of building a community identity and promoting the growth of the web. The game is designed to be played by a community of players who work together to build the game’s identity.
  • The game is based on the Ethereum blockchain and uses smart contracts to enforce game rules and facilitate player interactions. Laplap is a unique and innovative game that has the potential to promote the growth of the decentralized web. 
  • The team also outlines the various ways in which Web3 games can promote the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Review the development of Laplap

As a social platform for GameFi players, Laplap aims to build a decentralized social network of Web3 gamers, publish great games with players through Pb2E, and provide a complete solution for GameFi projects’ incubation and distribution.

  1. Player community building– As a player platform focused on GameFi, Laplap attaches great importance to community building. Before the launch of the product, they have gained a lot of attention and media exposure through a series of actions they held. More and more people began to recognize Laplap’s vision. At present, Laplap’s Twitter fan base has reached 24.3 K, and the number of Discord community has reached 15.1 K.
  2. In terms of community building, they jointly launched Laplap Player Progression OAT with Project Galaxy and used this series OAT to build a player identity system. Based on this system, they give different player groups their respective platform rights and provide services according to the needs of different players to build an organic player community.
  3. In Q1, LAPLAP players uploaded 30+ game walkthrough videos on social media, which led to a huge discussion and more players joining the scholarship program with the GameFi partners.

Future Development Plan

Laplap’s current initiatives, including GameFi tournaments, P2E scholarships, and star player cultivation program, are all focused on player growth and provide customized services for different player groups.

Laplap’s future development has three focal points.

  1. Energize the player community

The first focus is to energize the player community, allowing players to gain greater revenue while also having the ability to influence others and attract friends to join Web3.

  • Energize the GameFi projects

The second focus is to energize the GameFi projects. In this regard, they will help crypto game projects solve the problem of cold launch by gathering players and providing them with distribution channels for the game.

  • Pushing Africa and Southeast Asia to embrace Web3

The third focus is to continue Laplap’s expansion efforts in Africa and Southeast Asia. The goal here is to establish a GameFi culture with Laplap’s imprint in some countries where there is a good environment for crypto games and a great potential for Web3 development.