Here’s the List of Top IDO’s of January From BSC, AVAX & ETH

Here’s the List of Top IDO’s of January From BSC, AVAX & ETH


Metastrike is a blockchain-based role-playing shooting game with a weapons collection for players to equip, levels to upgrade, missions to perform, and NFT and tokens to earn. 

Players can design their maps, establish a gun collection, and even steal NFTs from other players. It’s a free-to-play game with an in-app purchase system. Zombie mode, Team mode, and Deathmatch mode are the three game modes available.

Metastrike would be the second project to be launched from the #Roseonpad platform. CG Art Creation JSC has created Metastrike. 

Having your weapons collection, designing your maps, challenging people for their NFTs, and unlimited configurable gameplay are just a few of the features that set Metastrike apart from other FPS games.

You can form guilds and compete to steal territory. The land is used by guild members to construct houses and their headquarters. Players can construct their own game within houses and HQs and earn money when other players visit.

Metastrike has announced that its IDO will take place on Seedify and Roseon Finance on December 17th. The first Mcap would be $450,000 and the IDO pricing would be $0.05.

IDO Launch: 17 December

IDO price: $0.05

Marketcap: $450,000

World of Defish:

DeFish is a BSC-based decentralised NFT game universe where users can immerse themselves in a fascinating undersea world.  

This will launch on Game Zone and BSC Pad.

Meta-anglers will be able to immerse themselves in a virtual world, earning tokens and catching precious NFT fish all over the world. 

To enhance their earning potential, players can update their equipment and talents, compete in tournaments, or even buy a piece of DeFish land.

IGO launch Date: 28 December

Name: $WOD

Token: BSC

Initial Marketcap: $3,69,000

Total supply: 100,00,00,000

Listing price: $0.026

Allocation: $270,000


The Supa Foundation is built on a fantastic idea, as the Earth is infected with mutated strains of Coronavirus, and it is up to the Supa Foundation to resist the virus. It’s a Play-To-Earn game based on NFT in which we must save humanity.

We must prepare for 5000 viruses and 5000 SUPACells. Only 10,000 NFTs will be produced; however, NFT owners can use “Fusion” to generate additional NFTs, which they can then offer on the secondary market. SUPACells are in the development stage right now.

IDO launch: 29 December

Minimum stake: 1CFi

Token: $SUPA (launching soon)


One Ring:

Guiseppe Chirico is the CEO of One-Ring, a multi-chain cross-stable coin yield optimizer.

In January 2022, FANTOM will launch One Ring.

Simply deposit any stable coin (including stable LP tokens) and Onering will locate the greatest yields for your deposits, allowing you to relax and forget about the hassle.

The One Ring token serves as the ecosystem’s utility and governance token. You may increase your APY and get special NFTs by staking Ring token.

The One Ring protocol scans Polygon, Binance, Smart Chain, Fantom, and Avax for the greatest deposit yields.

 All gains are automatically compounded to increase your profits.

Name: $RING

Launch: January 2022

Auto-compounding: YES

Cross-chain: YES

Any stable coin deposits: YES

Yield optimizer: YES


On December 21, 2021, at 11:00 UTC, the IDO will take place on Samurai Launchpad.

 All whitelisted Samurai stakers at the Ninja tier and above will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis during the sale.

Cherry is an open-source blockchain project with a community-driven governance model. Decentralized file storage for Web 3.0 apps. 

Through genuine ownership, trustless access, and decentralised CRUD, Cherry seeks to supercharge decentralised applications (create, read, update, and delete).

For staking $CHER and validating transactions on the network, holders can expect to earn approximately 35% APY.

Token: $CHER 

IDO launch: 21 December

Total supply: 600M tokens (86.55 at launch)

Initial public price: $0.036 USD

Market cap: $3.11 million USD 


Dogeon is the first DOG RACE Play-to-Earn game, so it’s well worth your time! It’s a Play-to-Earn dog breeding and racing NFT game based on Avalanche, the industry’s quickest smart contract platform. 

Dogeon is a blockchain-based Mario Cart that features Dog NFTs as its protagonists. Each doggy has a different rarity connected with its features, therefore there will be a total of 10,000 Dog NFTs made.

The dog obtains a boost in speed, agility, stamina, or intelligence, depending on its attributes. Special skills may be assigned in some instances.

What advantages are there? Airdrops for NFT holders, a chance to be whitelisted, and Dog performance in-game are all available.

Dogeon was created to address a current problem in the NFT Gaming market: games with fantastic gameplay don’t provide you with incentives while you’re playing.

The game is designed to be simple enough for anyone with a basic understanding of blockchain to play, while yet being comprehensive enough for more advanced players to explore and earn more through a thorough comprehension of the system.

Token: $DON

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $DON 

White paper:

The Waste Lands:

The Waste Land is a real Puzzle RPG Strategy game in which players immerse themselves in a world of adventure across the post-apocalyptic planet and have an unforgettable gaming experience.

Marketplace, Build your crew and expanding your shelter are the game’s key features.

The game focuses on balancing both Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn models to let users make a profit over time while also having fun.

Let’s have a look at the factors that will make you more powerful than others.

  • HP: The warrior’s health and strength are represented by hit points (HP). When the warrior’s HP drops to 0, he will die. Head, Body, Left Hand, Right Hand, Left Leg, and Right Leg are the six components that determine HP.
  • ATK: The warrior’s assault power is represented by ATK (Attack). There are two pieces to it: the left and right hands.
  • INT: The influence of talent and critical probability is denoted by INT(Intelligent). There are two pieces to it: the head and the body.
  • SPD: In a battle, the SPD (Speed) determines whether the player or the enemy will act first. The left leg and Right leg are the two components that determine it.

Launch: 20 December, on Infinite launch

Token: $WAL 


Price: 1WAL – 0.3BUSD 


Agoric is a proof-of-stake network that uses JavaScript smart contracts to design and deploy decentralised applications quickly.

Faster development timelines, fewer errors, and more efficient development techniques would all be benefits.

BLD and RUN are the two coins in the Agoric ecosystem. The BLD token is the only one that can be purchased. The BLD staking token is used to protect the network and administer it.

Using third-party components, the Agoric platform and chain allow developers to quickly construct and deploy dapps, such as DEXs, OTC desks, and NFT marketplaces. The smart contract components have been vetted and battle-tested, and they can be readily imported using npm (node package management). This saves time and resources for developers, as well as prevents re-entrancy attacks and other typical smart contract flaws.

Projects can use Agoric smart contracts with native cross-chain capability now that the Inter-Blockchain Protocol (IBC) is enabled on the platform. This enables cross-chain liquidity, allowing users and enterprises to engage in more flexible transactions. The Agoric team supported IBC development through launch in partnership with the Cosmos interchain community.

Launch date: 29 December

Coins: BLD/RUN