Deus Finance DAO suffers $3 million flash loan attack

Deus Finance DAO suffers $3 million flash loan attack
  • On March 15, 2022, the Deus Finance DAO suffered a $3 million flash loan attack. This was a coordinated effort by a group of attackers who took out short-term loans worth $3 million in a very short time frame.
  • This caused the Deus Finance DAO to collapse, and the attackers were able to walk away with millions of dollars in profits. This attack was made possible by a weakness in the Deus Finance DAO’s design. The DAO was not able to properly handle large influxes of capital, and this allowed the attackers to take out large loans very quickly.
  • This attack is just the latest in a long line of similar attacks that have been carried out on various DAOs and other decentralized applications (dApps) in recent months.
  • The DAO was able to mitigate the attack by freezing the offending accounts and returning the tokens to their rightful owners.

Details of the Hack

  • The hack of Deus Finance DAO on March 15, 2022 was a devastating event that resulted in a loss of over $3 million. The attack was carried out through a flash loan, which is a type of loan that is issued quickly and without much scrutiny.
  • This allowed the attacker to get the money they needed in a very short amount of time, and allowed them to escape with the money before anyone was able to stop them.
  • This attack highlights the importance of being careful when dealing with financial institutions, and shows that even the most secure systems can be compromised if the attacker is determined enough.

Downplaying the incident

  • Following the attack, Deus Finance stated that the tokens are unaffected and that the hacker will not be able to use them and that the blockchain will be reverted to its previous state.
  • The CEO of Deus Foundation, Alex Van de Sande, has stated that there is “no need to panic” and that the blockchain will be “reverted to its previous state.” The incident had also prompted the company to add extra security to their public API.
  • According to some of the news outlets, the hacker had compromised a few wallets and held them for ransom, threatening to sell the tokens if the demands were not met.


  • In conclusion, the Deus Finance DAO has suffered a $3 million flash loan attack that has put the future of the organization in doubt. The attack occurred when a hacker managed to gain access to the organization’s funds and used them to take out a series of high-interest loans.
  • This has put the organization in a difficult financial position and threatens its ability to continue operating.