Cherry Announces New Blockchain Platform for Creators

Cherry Announces New Blockchain Platform for Creators
  • Cherry announced the launch of the Cherry Blockchain, a new platform designed to help content creators harness blockchain technology to create and distribute their own tokens, using the Cherry Foundation.
  • Cherry, the world’s first blockchain platform for creators, announces today the launch of a new platform that brings together the creative industries, including film, music, and television writers, to reinvent the film and television distribution landscape.
  • “Cheryl and I are thrilled to be the first creators to join the blockchain ecosystem,” said Cherry President and CEO Cheryl Dumes. “The blockchain’s decentralized ledger technology is key to the future of the creative economy and we are excited to work with the team at Cherry to deliver a platform that will allow creators to create and share content with greater security and speed,” she added. “We are also thrilled to be part of the Bittorrent.

About Cherry

  • Cherry is a Blockchain Application Platform. It is an innovative and cutting-edge platform for the development of Blockchain applications.
  • Cherry Blockchain is a project designed by students to make it easier for people to make transactions more smoothly with one another.
  • It is blockchain company based in the United Kingdom. It is working to create and build a business on blockchain technology. Their mission is to make the world’s first global cryptocurrency, the CASH (Cherry L1 Blockchain) for the world to use and invest in.

Cherry Empowers Creators

  • Cherry has a long history of embracing technology and supporting the development of the ecosystem and supporting communities of creators. One of our key priorities at Cherry is to continue to develop the ecosystem both by making sure that the technology behind Cherry enables the next generation of artists to be successful, and by ensuring that Cherry has the best products and services in the market place.
  • As per the article, the system is currently being tested by a handful of leading online content providers and a number of large media companies.


Cherry Blockchain is a platform for creating work. It is built entirely on blockchains and decentralized web protocols. Cherry will allow creators to distribute work in perpetuity and provide users with compensation in the form of tokens that can be used to access and consume the work.


  • As of the time of our interview, the company is still in the planning phase of the new blockchain platform and has no timeline for the launch of a product yet.
  • The launch of the platform marks an important step for the company as it looks ahead to its next phases of growth.
  • This is a call to action to users to install the new blockchain platform for creators. The creator’s community is the first to benefit from the new platform.