Cardano Metaverse IDO Platform GOmetalaunch Launches It’s ISPO Ahead of Its $URGO wallet Testnet Release

Cardano Metaverse IDO Platform GOmetalaunch Launches It’s ISPO Ahead of Its $URGO wallet Testnet Release
  • The Cardano Metaverse IDO Platform (GOmetalaunch) has announced the launch of its Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO) ahead of the release of its $URGO wallet testnet. The platform will offer a total of 1,000 ADA in rewards to those who participate in the ISPO, with a maximum of 10,000 ADA per person.
  • The platform is designed to allow users to stake their ADA on the platform in order to earn rewards. The $URGO wallet testnet is expected to be released in the coming weeks, and will allow users to store their ADA in a secure wallet.
  • The ISPO will allow users to purchase a stake in the platform in exchange for $URGO, the native token of the Cardano Metaverse. The $URGO token will be used to power the platform and will be required to purchase items and services within the Metaverse.
  • The platform is designed to provide a compliant and secure environment for token issuers and investors, and will offer a variety of features including KYC/AML compliance, a decentralized exchange, and a secure wallet.

GOmetalaunch Unique Features:

  1. GOmetalaunch fully supports Cardano native coins and cross chain support as well as Metaverse IDO of projects on Ethereum and Binance will also be carried out on GOmetalaunch and provide extensive DeFi features to assist new projects in their growth and development.
  • GO labs has made partnerships with Blockchain Industry Experts and Guru’s which will ensure that any project that is launched on GOmetalaunch has the full support needed to ensure success.
  • They also have an extensive network of Marketing experts and Executives with links to the best Influencer Marketing Network to ensure that any project applying for IDO on their platform receives the full funding needed, and the full exposure needed to get blockchain enthusiasts informed about the Metaverse projects and that they receive the full support of an extensive array of Blockchain communities needed to succeed.
  • Additionally GO Community members will be involved in the full governance process through a Tier System, to ensure that everybody has a fair opportunity and allocation to support and earn rewards and Tokens.


  • To sum it up, GOmetalaunch has come up with a very innovative and user-friendly platform that can take Cardano to great heights. The fact that it is an ISPO platform makes it even more appealing to the users as they can be sure of the authenticity of the products and services being offered on the platform. The $URGO wallet testnet release is a great addition to the platform and will help in increasing its popularity among the users.
  • The $URGO wallet is a metaverse-compatible wallet that will allow users to store, manage, and trade their digital assets. The wallet is currently in beta testing and is expected to be released on the mainnet soon.

This will allow users to have a chance to use the platform and test it out before it goes live. This is a great opportunity for those who are interested in the platform and want to be able to use it before it’s released to the public.