Burn Floki – King of Memes Token

burn floki coin
  • Burn Floki is a new meme coin with a lot of promise. It is meant as a community driven coin, meaning that it is not controlled by any single person or company.
  • Not only will you get your coins instantly, but you’ll be rewarded for referring friends.
  •  It is a Decentralized Bsc meme that also has a community that will help to promote the coin.
  • Burn Floki meme coin is secure and safe and decentralized, meaning people can’t abuse it like they do with other coins.
  • It’s free for anyone to purchase and makes a great investment.
  • There is a %10 buy tax but you won’t have to worry about sell taxes because there are none on Bsc meme.
  • BurnFloki is based on the same principles as Steemit. Users can post content, and other users can upvote or downvote it, and earn Burn Floki for doing so.
  • Floki has a dream of becoming the first dog to put his paws on the moon. This dream will be fulfilled by the Burn Floki Community.
  • Burn Floki uses its own algorithm to create new tokens from mining, staking, and trading. This means that there will always be more Burn Floki in circulation than other currencies

Why to prefer Burn Floki?

BurnFloki.com is a meme coin that has the potential to become a new form of currency. It is the first meme coin that has been backed by memes. The coins are used for transactions and as a form of payment for goods and services in the Burn Floki ecosystem.

The cryptocurrency market is growing exponentially and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. With more people using cryptocurrencies, there will be more demand for coins like Burn Floki to help make transactions easier.

There are numerous features of Burn Floki which is inclining more and more people towards it-

  1. Instant usage Rewards-   Burn Floki rewards 5% to all $BFLOKI Holders on each sell transaction.
  2. Community Powered- Fully Decentralized and owned by its vibrant community. Volunteers are embracing and coming forward with great enthusiast to build $BFLOKI into best community.
  3. Secure and safe- $Burn Floki is fully credited by top specialization team and its liquid pool tokens have locked forever, which means NIL effect or risk to the users.

Overview of Burn Floki

  • Powered by Binance Smart Chain Burn Floki is a new technology that will allow for the creation of tokens for any type of industry. This token will be based on the Binance blockchain and will be used as a utility to power the platform.
  • The goal of Burn Floki is to provide a complete ecosystem for tokenization. The company has just announced that they are launching their alpha version, which includes their own native token called “FLOKI”.
  • Burn Floki is a hyper-deflationary token, which means that the value of the tokens will rise as time goes by. It also has a smart exchange system built into the ecosystem, which will allow you to trade Burn Floki for any other cryptocurrency.
  • The Burn Floki team has done an excellent job of presenting their project and have made it easy for anyone to understand what they are doing. Furthermore, they have an experienced team with a lot of knowledge in blockchain and cryptocurrency, which is promising for investors.
  • It is recommend investing in Burn Floki because it is worth investing in if you want to make money from investing in cryptocurrencies.

A generous giveaway waiting for holders after 50000 of them are reached.

No need for mining, buy or sell which makes it easy to get started and even easier to cash out!