Brahma raised $4.2069M in an effort to enable access to diversified, sustainable yield in DeFi

Brahma raised $4.2069M in an effort to enable access to diversified, sustainable yield in DeFi
  • Brahma is an Ethereum-based protocol and platform that enables access to diversified, sustainable yield in DeFi.
  • Brahma’s mission is to create a new type of decentralized financial system that will enable the world’s unbanked billions to take control of their finances.
  • Brahma aims to provide users with a variety of investment opportunities, including short-term savings, long-term savings, and investments in other protocols.
  • Brahma plans to offer these services through its own protocol, which will be built on top of the Ethereum network and will be open sourced for developers and investors alike.

How Can Brahma Help You Grow Your Investments in DeFi Projects?

  • Brahma is a decentralized and open-source platform that aims to help you grow your investments in DeFi projects. This platform will allow you to invest in decentralized finance projects and get rewards in the form of crypto tokens.
  • Brahma offers a variety of benefits such as: Transparent transactions, lower transaction fees, and increased liquidity.
  • Investments on Brahma are made through Ethereum tokens (ETH) and the process is easy to follow. You can invest in any project that you like on Brahma by simply transferring ETH to the project’s address.

Future Roadmap of Brahma

  1. Building and scaling vault capabilities: Building fault-proof vaults with the community employing scalable simulation processes, solid rails, and sufficient capacity, in order to grant more users, access to the vaults.
  • Craft product and experiential touchpoints: Completing the full UI platform with the help of community feedback. Levelling up our onboarding and community infrastructure via KARMA, melding off-chain and on-chain efforts seamlessly, and numerous other features are on the cards.
  • Governance tokens: Drafting and building the scope of the $BRAH token together with the community to enable a fully-decentralized governance.
  • Hiring: Growing our team of highly-driven and capable Chad collaborators to help lay out a powerful foundation for the protocol (open positions here),

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