Billions of Dollars in Bitcoin and Ethereum Moved Off Exchanges in the Past Two Weeks

Billions of Dollars in Bitcoin and Ethereum Moved Off Exchanges in the Past Two Weeks
  • The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges have seen billions of dollars’ worth of bitcoin and Ethereum move off their platforms in the past two weeks. The unusual move comes amid growing scrutiny of cryptocurrency exchanges, which have come under fire for their role in the $5 billion cryptocurrency washout earlier this month.
  • The latest wave of exchange movers comes days after Bloomberg reported that the U.S. government is scrutinizing the practices of major cryptocurrency exchanges, specifically about whether they are adequately policing suspicious trading activity.
  • Over $1.2 billion in Bitcoin and $600 million in Ethereum have been covertly transferred out of the custody of traditional exchanges, such as Coinbase and Bitfinex, and into the digital wallets of unknown recipients.
  • This massive transfer of wealth has occurred on the same day that major digital currencies, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, have seen their prices fall by as much as 15% and 10%respectively.
  • The identity of the unknown senders and recipients of these transfers remains a mystery, and the true reason for this sudden movement remains a topic of intense speculation.

Positive developments provide more bullish signs for market

  • Bitcoin recently broke out above the $40,000, where it had been stagnating for weeks. Many believe this is a sign of a bull market in cryptocurrencies.
  • This has caused many investors to flock to the cryptocurrency market, which is in turn causing a surge in the value of all cryptocurrencies. With the recent surge in value, many crypto experts are predicting that the value of cryptocurrencies will continue to rise over the next several months.
  • The market of cryptocurrencies is continuing to show signs of improvement, with positive developments leading to further gains. The market of Bitcoin and Ethereum is continuing to show signs of improvement, with major exchanges announcing the intention to add new altcoins.
  • On the Shanghai Stock Exchange, plans are in place to start trading in a new digital asset, with the value of the currency to be determined by supply and demand. This is seen as a positive step towards the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies, as it shows that they are being taken seriously.


  • Billionaires and Wall Street titans have been feverishly moving their fortunes off the exchanges and into the shadows. Over the past two weeks, billions of dollars in Bitcoin and Ethereum have been moved off the public exchanges and into private wallets.
  • This sudden transfer of wealth has left the public exchanges unable to handle the volume of trades, resulting in extended wait times and volatile prices. The majority of this wealth is held by high-frequency traders who use these exchanges as a playground to speculate on price moves without having to hold the underlying asset.


This comes at a time when the price of both digital currencies is at an all-time high. For investors, this increase in private trading means that there is likely a large amount of trading going on that is not publicly available. As a result, it has become increasingly difficult for traditional financial markets to accurately value these cryptocurrencies.