AXELAR Project Review, is it Worth Investing?

AXELAR Project Review, is it Worth Investing?
  • Axelar is a decentralized network that connects dApp builders with blockchain ecosystems, applications and users for frictionless cross-chain communication. Axelar consists of a protocol suite, a decentralized application platform, and blockchain infrastructure.
  • It enables instant, secure and anonymous communication between dApps and users via the blockchain.
  • With the fast-paced changes from the market and the volatility in the market, AXL is an up-and-coming name that many investors are looking to invest in. The company’s main focus is on providing the best software to the financial industry.
  • They are offering a low fee structure for their services, and the price for a single share of AXL stock is currently less than $1. AXL has many advantages in the financial industry, but the biggest advantage is the price.

About Axelar

  • Axelar is the leading provider of enterprise software for the life sciences industry. With its innovative solution, companies can create, manage and share complex data to help improve the effectiveness of their research and development efforts.

Network, tools and APIs:

  • For blockchain platform builders: plug-in your blockchain to all other blockchain ecosystems.
  • For dApps builders: host your application anywhere, lock, unlock, transfer assets, and communicate with applications on any other chain via Axelar API.
  • For users: interact with all applications across the ecosystem directly from your wallet.

Axelar Roadmap

  1. White paper
    Seed financing
    Initial design
  • Testnet goes live
    Initial integrations with Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Testnet iteration
    Support of aritrary EVM chains
    IBC – compatibility
  • Satellite, a decentralized asset transfer dApp launches on the Axelar Network with an initial set of networks and assets.
    Applications integrate with Axelar solutions
    Generalized cross-chain message requests
    Onboarding of more assets and chains
  • Ecosystem of applications and solutions is built around the Axelar Network
    Empower all ecosystems and dApp developers to build on any blockchain and enable arbitrary cross-chain composability via the Axelar infrastructure stack.

Is Axelar next 100X moonshot?

  • AXELAR is an advanced autonomous logistics robot company with the mission to make the world’s last mile delivery service more efficient and affordable by enabling on-demand automated deliveries within cities with the help of a fleet of self-driving vehicles.
  •  As of Q1 2020, AXELAR has completed over 30,000 delivery runs at a cost of $0.05 per delivery run, at an average speed of 12 miles per hour per vehicle.
  • It is believed AXELAR is the next 100X moonshot. In addition to the many other benefits that a commercial space company can deliver to the US economy, a commercial human spaceflight program will enable the US to lead the world in the development of new technologies that will benefit the entire nation.