Avalanche Users Can Now Buy Polygon or BSC Assets in Single Transaction

Avalanche Users Can Now Buy Polygon or BSC Assets in Single Transaction
  • Avalanche Users of the cryptocurrency platform have been able to purchase a variety of digital assets using its native asset, the AVL.AVL, but until now they have had to purchase them one at a time. Now, thanks to a partnership with Polygon and the Blockchain-based Security Company BSC, users can purchase a variety of digital assets, including Polygons and BSCs, in a single transaction.
  • This represents a significant expansion of the functionality of the AVL and opens up the possibility of more complex digital asset portfolios. Developers on the platform will now be able to create and sell digital assets that represent ownership in digital media and entertainment companies.
  • To celebrate, Avax is offering a limited-time bundle: buy one Polygon bundle and get a second identical bundle for half off! For example, if you’d like to purchase a bundle of BSC assets for $50, you can choose to pay $25 for a bundle of Polygon assets, and Avax will automatically remove $25 from the purchase of your first bundle. You’ll receive your second bundle immediately, and the transaction won’t be complete until everything is delivered.

What Is Cross- Chain Messaging System Router

  • Cross-chain messaging system Router Protocol has integrated Avalanche Network’s C-Chain to enable communication between Avalanche Network and other supported blockchains. The Router Protocol is an open-source protocol that allows for the creation of decentralized messaging applications.
  • It allows users to route messages between compatible blockchains, allowing for the creation of decentralized message apps with a centralized infrastructure. The first app to be built on the Router Protocol is the M-Oasis DApp, which allows for secure messaging between users on the M-Oasis blockchain and users on the Ethereum main net.

Summary And CTA

  • All users can now buy Polygon or BSC assets in a single transaction using the Router Protocol, allowing users access to a variety of blockchain-based games and virtual worlds without the hassle of exchanging multiple currencies or tracking multiple trading pairs.
  • Users can now buy items with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USD on the Avalanche website or in the browser extension, with no additional steps required. This integration significantly expands the utility of the Router Protocol, which was built to make it easy for gamers to access the best virtual worlds and blockchain games on the web.
  • Developers can now use the Router Protocol to enable their users to buy items in their games with any supported cryptocurrency, making it easier for users to access their favorite games and products whether they are online or offline.