Aurigami – Keystone Protocol of Aurora

Aurigami — Our Future
  • Since inception, Aurigami’s mission has always been to serve as a keystone protocol of Aurora, a decentralized internet built for the world. They believe that the internet’s underlying structure has been missing a key component: that of a distributed, decentralized, and secure communication layer on top of the internet.
  • To lead the way towards a future of connected devices, where digital fabrication and computing will converge to create a new generation of intelligent, networked, and ubiquitous devices.

TRI is now listed on Aurigami!

  • Users can now deposit TRI on Aurigami to earn premine rewards in the form of PLY, which can be used to purchase a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and digital items, or traded on the exchange.
  • NANO, and DASH! Users can also sell on Aurigami to earn more PLY, NANO, and DASH, and use Aurigami to purchase other premine tokens from third-party exchanges!
  • Aurora has experienced tremendous growth since the beginning of the year, exploding close to $1 billion in Total Value Supplied (TVS) in recent times. We are proud to share that Aurigami leads the surge with over $437m, and Trisolaris following behind as the leading AMM!

Aurigami is live on Aurora Mainnet

  • AURORA is a decentralised autonomous organisation. It’s a shared economy, powered by Bitcoin. It’s a community that shares knowledge, skills and tools. We are a project that’s built on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Aurora is one of the first platforms to implement Aurigami. With Aurigami’s decentralized structure, it is a great fit for the Aurora Network.
  • The recent upgrade to the Aurora engine 2.4.0 is a huge reason why this project was possible. From the very beginning, helping the Aurora ecosystem grow and flourish has always been one of our main goals.