$4M Bet on GameFi Firm metaENGINE

$4M Bet on GameFi Firm metaENGINE
  • Lemniscap is making a $4 million bet on gaming-first start-up metaENGINE, which is developing AI-powered live streaming services for game developers. The funding round was led by Lemniscap, with Jump Crypto and a number of other firms participating. metaENGINE’s platform will let game developers build live-streaming services with advanced AI-powered personas that adapt to a viewer’s interests and behaviour.
  •  The platform will also offer game developers direct-to-consumer channels for advertising and sponsorship revenue, and it will work with third-party content creators to build channels on its platform.
  • The funding will go toward expanding metaENGINE’s staff and marketing efforts and expanding into new markets. metaENGINE will use the funding to expand its platform to include other games, including fantasy sports and esports.

Why Is Lemniscap Making Such A Huge Bet?

  • The fact that the Lemniscap company is making $4 million dollar bets on one of the most widely used social media platform, with a minimum investment of $40,000, indicates that the company believes in metaENGINE’s ability to generate a significant amount of revenue, which will be sufficient to make a lucrative investment.
  • In order to create the metaENGINE platform they have employed an expert team of software developers. This is because they wanted to build a platform that is scalable and able to accommodate to the needs of a global market. In addition, they also wanted to create a platform that is able to provide cost effective solutions to the market.


MetaENGINE is a San Francisco-based AI start-up focused on creating digital games and experiences. Founded by a group of Stanford PhDs and computer scientists, the team has raised $4 million in a seed round led by eToro. MetaENGINE’s technology is designed to enable game creation, not game play. The company provides a platform for game designers to build complex digital games using just a few lines of code.

CTA For Users

Users can immediately start building games with MetaENGINE’s drag-and-drop editor. Designers can make their games look exactly the way they want them to using MetaENGINE’s unique visual programming language, Tapestry. MetaENGINE will even automatically optimize games for the best gameplay possible. This means that users can focus on creating immersive experiences rather than spending hours optimizing the performance of their game.